May 30, 2010

Becoming bored and blown out by the day-to-day events of the Ministry of Clowns or out Grand High Exalted Wizard of Wonderfulness and Anointed Savior of the Free World? May I recommend a visit to Madame S. Weasel's sit where, after wandering around the halls admiring her wonderful art work -- including the world-famous Arlen Sphincter portrait and Teddy "Snorkel" Kennedy picture (below) -- you can check out the double-barrel blasts she levels at Obama, such as revealing his hyper narcissistic signature or his inability to work without a net -- in this case, his beloved teleprompter.

But, for the real action, sidle over there and make a pick on her famous Dead Pool for which you may win a can of Spotted Dick which she faithfully posts to the winner world wide.

This week, however, entries have been coming so fast and furious that she has declared a moratorium until next Friday when the contest re-opens.

I have not chosen my horse, as it were, but I know one person is going to back Hugh Hefner to which Madame Weasel replies he would win the Spotted Dick for backing someone who arguably has a spotted dick.

..I'll just leave it at that.

(By the way, I contend that the idea for the deal pool arose from a comment I made on one of her posts back in April or May or June or July 2009 as my former incarnation, Войска ПВО. My life being as pathetic as it is, I am researching that now and will bring that to Madame's attention when found.)

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