May 7, 2010

It's official: L.A. Times infers Babs Boxer dumb as a box of rocks..

The Los Angeles Times has chosen to take a pass on naming their favorite in the upcoming Democrat Senatorial Primary by not endorsing either Barbara ("Call me Senator, I think I've earned that title") Boxer and left-wing blogger Mickey ("Maus") Kaus. Significantly, the Times said of their disinterest in tapping Boxer as their favorite: 
"On the Democratic side, we find that we're no fans of incumbent Barbara Boxer," the newspaper said in an editorial Friday. "She displays less intellectual firepower or leadership than she could."

Thus, the paper of record and used in most birdcages in Southern California has stated, in essence, that Babs is truly as dumb as -- or dumber than -- a box of rocks.

By the way, Boxer is the one on the right, above.


  1. not a fair comparison. At least the box of Rocks has not made stupid decision after stupid decision. maybe we should say dumber than your average libtard. Than we could get clear understanding of her intelligence

  2. usual, I bow to your superior wisdom. Although I must say that all liberal, touchy-feely decisions reek of unsound logic.

    (Thank you for stopping by. I'll be here all week; tell your friends..try the veal..and be sure to tip your waitresses.)

  3. It is an insult to rocks everywhere. ;-)

  4.'s really bad. My pet one is not speaking to me at all!

  5. Babs has her hands full trying to keep her senate seat this fall (to no avail, we all hope), and accordingly has to focus her energies there, not on all things intellectual.

    So, you see, she's not dumb, she's just good at time management.