May 8, 2010

HillBuzz Boys strike again..

I love these guys! (Figuratively, of course.)

The HillBuzz blog is a creation of some gay guys in the Boys Town section of Chicago who were turned off by Obama's savage treatment of Hillary Clinton during the primaries in 2008. Indeed, despite my being a devout hater of Hillary (I guess to that point), even I was repulsed by The Pantload's heavy-handed tactics. I mean, one just does not treat a lady that way -- no matter what the circumstances. This also turned them into adoring followers of ladies despite their causes and politics. They are also the most profound sources of bipartisan reason to be found in this current cacophony of left-wing hatred on the internet. Their idols include Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and any other female whom the left despises. Also, as you might expect, they swooned over Scott Brown, citing "the Hunk Factor". It could be argued that their money bomb effort lit a fire under his campaign and was one of the lightening rods that got folks behind Scott.

As I said, I am a huge fan of HillBuzz.

But I digress. In any event, The Boys, as you may imagine, have a discriminating eye for ladies' fashion and keep it trained on the FLOTUS. She obliges, of course, parading around in the multi-colored tents, off-the-shoulder tops at formal affairs, and kaleidoscopic ensembles during solemn occasions. Their latest target is the FLOTUS' ample backside.

..the idiom "broad side of a barn" comes to mind.

From time to time, they run these polls comparing the FLOTUS to, oh, the transgendered, female impersonators, and various other folks who we say bold fashion statements. The latest such is above and on the HillBuzz site. These are always fun and merit a visit and a vote from you when you have a chance.

UPDATE: Just when I am feeling good about my hit rate increasing of late, the HillBuzz boys went over the 9 million mark today. Couldn't happen to a nicer set of young men. Who'da thunk we would be writing stuff like that about gay Democrat supporters of Hillary Clinton?

Keep up the magnificent work, HillBuzz!