May 13, 2010

An apology..and a rant

This probably comes under the heading of "biting the hand that feeds you" or "looking a gift horse in the mouth" but I am a little annoyed at the Blogger -- er, well -- blogs. It seems that this template (Blogger TicTac Blue) tends to swallow comments and, in general, does not behave correctly. So, if you all have been commenting on this site and come up empty, then it may have been the machine that I am raging against.

I hereby apologize and want to let you know I will be seeking an alternative

To continue the rant, I am a software developer by trade and have been such for 40 years. Earlier incarnations saw me titled as a "programmer", "programmer analyst", "systems engineer", and other titles unmentionable in polite company. I started out when Grace Hopper released COBOL and it was still in "blister pack".

My programming has had me wade through thousands of lines of COBOL, Assembler for numerous platforms, Fortran (regrettably), RPG, Jovial (in the USAF), Java, and my favorites, C and C++ from which I derive the means for my daily crust. These all took me down fairly close to the metal as we are wont to say in this biz.

Anyway, I stray. I took up blogging because I wanted to vent my frustrations at the current unconcerned and inattentive government that yoke us together in servitude and extract or hard-earned dough for their specious escapades.

I did NOT want to write code.

I hate populating parameters for a language that someone else generates machine code with. Such are the various dialects of XML, HTML, and that bane of our existence, CSS style sheets. spare me from learning how to write something according to the frizzy-headed, non-object-oriented or procedural dictates of some alleged geeks who think their fecal matter bereft of odor because they can "code" HTML and that type of crap.

We hardened "C" types would congregate in the back room and tell smutty jokes about them, making rude remarks about their lineage and member lengths.

But, since this steaming load of alleged convenience proffered to us by the Google weenies through Blogspot tends to gag on such a simple concept of keeping straight more than two or three comments made to a posting of mine, then I'll have to sit down and learn CSS and refresh my knowledge of HTML to straighten out the mess those idiots created.

To paraphrase an earlier post: "It's what I do..I am a maintenance developer".

Please have patience while I try to master this.

..and for those who wrote this pile of waste called the TicTac template: you can suck a shoe.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. this is yet another comment.

  3. ..can you see this comment? I sure as hell cannot.

  4. 01000110110110001110001111000001100100100011000001100101011010011001100111011111110000100011101010010001.



  5. PS:

    If you actually tried to read that random line of zeros and ones, you are probably TOO close to the metal. That, and these comments seem to post nicely, doncha think?

  6. Haha no worries. I'm not even sure how many times I've left a comment so if one disappears, no problems. :)

    Funny thing about those HTML fellows.

    Personally, I know absolutely nothing of coding and I'm supposed to be part of this coding generation!

  7. ..well, gentlemen, I appreciate your helping me with the system test. I am afraid it will be a while before I get this debugged -- and i fear this comment will not show up.

    We shall see.

  8. ..By the way, Fredd, your string is 70666161701444301453231473760435221 OCTAL, 46D8E3C19230656999DFC23A91 HEX, and represents 46 D8 E3 C1 92 30 65 69 99 DF C2 3A 91 in bytes which is, as you obviously know, complete nonsense.

  9. Young American, as you can see from my dissection of Fredd's binary string, you haven't missed much. Let me assure you I am a hit at a cocktail party, spewing computer stuff like that.

    ..don't hesitate to ask me if you need help with a memory leak or a hammered pointer. And just keep telling your Java-geek friends that real men don't write in language that picks up their garbage for them.

  10. ..what a pathetic way to run up my blog hits, right?