May 6, 2010

Los Flag Clothes

These clowns don't want me to embed their trailer, so go here for the video.

Anyway, welcome to the new victimhood: those folks who believe that we here in Los Estados Unidos (that's The United States for those of you who don't habla.) should not proudly display our heritage by wearing the American flag on a day of significance to some other culture. Doing so got four students suspended from a Morgan Hill high school in Northern California.

Watch the clip -- especially the part where the Hispanic students demand an apology -- which the parents of the four students flatly reject.

I have a question for you. If we should all tiptoe around and not wear the American flag on, say, Cinco de Mayo and Columbus Day, what's up with the Hispanic demonstrators waving the Mexican flag during all of those silly May Day demonstrations they have?

..Los Suns, my ass.

1 comment:

  1. >>> ..Los Suns, my ass.

    Yep. Blazers are my team, and when PHX eliminated us, I was kinda hoping the Suns would do well. You know, so I could feel better about losing to them.

    Not any more. I hope they get stomped. I hope they are mercilessly ground to a pulp.