May 12, 2010

"That's what we do..we're Americans.."

Nothing to add; this says it all..

..God bless them and keep them.


  1. Thank you for posting that. I don't cry often (it doesn't look good on me), but that made me cry.

    My oldest son finished four years of service in the Army at the end of last year, including 15 months in Iraq, and my second oldest son is finishing four years as a Marine this summer, including leaving his wife and daughter for 12 months to serve in Iraq. So, I know what Colonel North is talking about when he describes the typical young man serving in our military, and the courage, honor, and selflessness that they display. I also know how my sons have grown through their service.

    So, a huge thank you and God bless you to War Planner and everyone else who has or does now serve in our military, and to your families for the sacrifices they make as well.

  2. sincere thanks to your sons for their service. May God bless them and keep them safe from harm. You must be very proud.

    It is a poignant speech, isn't it? I must confess to tearing up as well.

    It is also instructive about service life as well. My son became a Marine last June and is in the reserves. He is now a young man with a [relatively] clean room, honored responsibilities, duties and tasks accomplished, and, basically, an innate toughness.

    The sorrow at his leaving his mother and I was more than compensated by seeing what he has become. Needless to say, as a former USAF officer, I am very proud of my Lance Corporal. He is not only my son, he is my brother.

  3. Mr Common Cents..thank you!

    I went over to your blog and like it as well -- especially the most recent post on the "global warming" that afflicts us now.

    Every time I head for work on a May morning here in Southern California and have to reach for a jacket, I just laugh and laugh and laugh at that fat tub of goo from Tennessee..

    ..until I think of the money he has made off his religion from an unsuspecting public.

    Posted your link over their on the right and thanks again for the kind words.


  4. Mr Common Cents,

    Nice of of you to say; I added your blog to my list and visited your site. Quite interesting and funny -- and a great resource.

    I posted a reply earlier but it appears to have gotten lost in the shuffle of my going to your site and back -- yet the post count read four.


    So I am still dabbling with this template and CSS. Like your blog, the content window is very narrow and it chafes me; I am trying to widen it. Alas, as a software developer (C, C++, etc.), I am used to writing stuff close to the metal and not tweaking others' parameters -- which is what you do with Blogger's template CSS.

    But I blather; thanks for stopping by and the kind words. Do not be a stranger and I will visit your site often.


  5. Mr Common Cents,

    Thank you; i was having some issues (see post above) last night with comments and they may still exist. Here's hoping not.

    I linked your fine blog over there on the right.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  6. they're back! I give up!

  7. >He is now a young man with a [relatively] clean room

    Soon after my oldest son finished his basic training and his schooling for his MOS, he called me and was telling me about how things were going. I had to laugh when he started complaining about how his roommate was so messy. A year or so later, I visited his apartment on base right before he deployed. He didn't have a roommate at that time, and everything in the room was in perfect order.

    Quite a change from a kid who, from all appearances, didn't actually have a floor in his bedroom.