May 31, 2010

That could have been gone better..

This probably comes under the heading of "Late to the Dance" -- er, me not Ginger McGuire, the lady snoozing away back in 67D there. Fox ran this story wa-a-a-a-y back on Friday or so. But you gotta listen to the conversation with the FNC infobabe, who just nails McGuire's feet to the floorboards by harping on the unspoken subject of personal responsibility. At several points in the interview, McGuire is so flummoxed she does not even reply to the questions.

What would you do if you were in that predicament? Me, I'd jimmy the liquor cabinet and do the John Candy Planes, Trains, and Automobiles thing. After a few of those, I'd sleep it off until and not give a rat's behind. many Myers's, so little time!


  1. So, she files a lawsuit and goes on national TV to make public how much of a moron she is, instead of just letting it be one of those funny stories you can tell your friends and grandkids. Yeah, that's smart.

    I think this is one of those "Here's yer sign" moments.

  2. As I said, there's probably a sh!t-pot of those perfectly useful Smirnoff bottles just sitting there in the galley. Between them and the bags of cashews and pretzels (and who knows what she could nuke in the microwave), a person could have a high old time until the janitors showed up and unlocked the plane.

    ..hell, who's to say that the janitors wouldn't want to party either?