May 2, 2010

..a Sunday made considerably better.

Somehow, I got hooked up with the Woodsterman and Woodster Too site(s), a wonderful collection of conservative posts, truly funny pictures, and some righteous Second Amendment sentiments. After wandering around the rooms there, I have emerged in a considerably brighter mood and looking forward to 1700L when the sun sinks below the yard arm and I can invade the new bottle of Glenfiddich I just purchased.

..then I dare say, my day will become even brighter.

Thanks, Woodsterman!


  1. Woodsterman is a hoot. But I will admit that when I first met him, I misunderstood the meaning of his name.

  2. ..heh!

    Check out the article linked with that muffin top poster. It seems that Madison Conservative had a conversation over on Hot Air with Texas Mom of 3 -- back and forth about whether the rapist could remove the skinny jeans or not. ConsMad finally told TXMomOf3 something like, "we need to verify this; you get your skinny jeans and I'll bring the ski mask."

    ..still rolling on the floor over that one!