May 23, 2010

Djou snarls back..

Thanks to Sheeples for this one:

Colleen Hanabusa, who came in second in the special election to fill Honolulu's 1st Congressional District with 30.8 percent of the vote, issued the following statement:

"With over fifty percent of the voters in Congressional District 1 turning out in what is the highest voter turnout in any Hawaii special election, it is clear that the people of Hawaii know the importance of this election in ensuring the people of Hawaii are properly represented in Congress.”

Democrats believe the success in Hawaii will be short-lived. Djou will only serve through the remainder of 2010, and another election will be held in November for the next term.

Djou has other ideas. "The people of Hawaii have given us a short-term lease with an option to buy in November. This is not the time for us to rest on our laurels. This is the time to redouble our efforts to bring out change. To do good, to restore our nation to prosperity."

Mahalo nui loa, Mr. Djou.

..that's right, Ms Sheeples, and, as we used to say in the islands, "mo bettah you geevum da kine, bro.."


  1. This is another teachable moment for Republicans. Bring your Conservative "A-Game", the people will remember why they elected you - and do it again.

    I just wish I could be more confident the GOP got that memo...


  2. There is a danger, since Djou lost because of Dems splitting their vote between two candidates, that he will not be re elected. However, he may gain reelection. You never know. Especially if he does a good job for his constituents.

  3. ..I don't see this as a down-side. As Lipton points out, it's an object lesson. And, besides, it is a contest that the DCCC will have to spend money on just like the PA-12seat they'll have to defend.

    In this campaign, they are not collecting as much donations, their support is flagging, and their folks are less enthusiastic.

    All things considered, I'd rather be holding our cards than theirs.