May 27, 2010

Tired of fooling around..

..o.k., I got back from a celebration after a meeting I regularly attend for a military organization I belong to this evening and I am in a rage..

..I dunno why; I guess I am fed up to here with the crap we have had to absorb over the last -- what -- 482 days (Quick! Someone check my math!) that with these idiots in this regime and the MSM covering up for a truly incapable clod of a chief executive.

So, anyway, me and some friends in this quasi-military organization -- No, it's NOT a militia -- were having a few beers and talking and one of them asked me what I think will happen in November. Well, I got all squinty-eyed belligerent and stuff and and said to him, "So, who's campaign you gonna work for in the Fall?"

He did not bat an eye and said, "Fiorino!" expecting me to recoil, aghast at his choice. he had me pegged as a DeVore or Poisoner person. (Sorry, Steve,if the name's that close, I gotta go with the common spelling.)

Well, I said that was real good because what we need to do is work for someone and not sit back on our hands and expect others do our work for us while we bitch and complain.

The point is, it doesn't matter so long as we roll up our sleeves and get it done.

So, I am getting all squinty-eyed and belligerent with you (as I have done in the past) and asking who you are working for in the Fall. Don't just sit there like some dog turd, ossifying in the cold Spring sunshine. let me know; leave a comment, check in and follow this blog, tell me what blogs I should be following! Do something!

Or you could just paste a picture of Boxer and/or Pelosi on the wall, pull down your pants, bend over and grab your ankles, and plead, "Thank you, ma'am! May I have another?"

Me? I'm working for Fiorino if she wins the primary because, let's face it, she'd look pretty severe in a leather bustier and high-heeled boots. And I got this fantasy of her with a riding crop in the basement of Barney Frank's house in Massachusetts..


..then again, maybe I'd better sleep this one off. [Yeah, how'd that work out for ya?]

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