May 26, 2010

How things will be..

I posted the following over at Viewed From The Right, a wonderful blog by Lipton T. Bagg (get it?) and I wanted to cross-post it over here as well. We have only 30 months left before we get to pull the chain on Obama and his cronies. It would be interesting to think how all of this will end up and what will become of the worst president in the history of this country.


Not to ignore your excellent post on Rand Paul above (but to try to ignore your Anti-Rule 5 post below), it is becoming [even more] apparent that no one is minding the store -- both in this regime and in the sycophantic media that covers what passes for executive governance from this Boy King and his cronies.

The incompetence in the former is immutable and will always be the case for the hopefully two and one-half years we have remaining. As you point out, there are signs that the latter may be coming to an end.

Abroad in this land, there still exist benighted souls who believe their daily ration of vitamin D emanates from the orifice of The Pantload and will always believe it thus. There will be bitter clingers of another sort if this pungent offal is flushed down the toilet in November 2012, these being the types who will buy Obama's interminable memoirs and swoon on his every post-presidential excretion. As the MaƮtre d' said in the classic Ferris Beuller's Day Off, "I weep for your generation!" But, the general population is slowly and inexorably waking from their sweet dreams of Barack, The Magic Negro being the next Jesus and an on-coming Soul Train loaded to the rafters with Skittles-crapping-Unicorns, Hope and Change, on its way to the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Here's how it goes: The MSM, dyed-in-the-wool libs that they are, love the leftist and progressive causes and any vehicle that can deliver this nation to the door of those ideals. At this writing and for the past forty years -- when our generation began its national temper tantrum after coming down from our love-fest high -- the Democrat Party has been that limousine replete with a chauffeur, a well-stocked bar, and the yellow brick road to drive on. In 18-24 months, this clown has run that vehicle into the ground and the wheels have begun to come off.

Unless the DSCC and DCCC and whatever pinko-Marxist clandestine group can come up with a miracle, a lot of liberals are going to take the pipe in November and will be on the outside looking in. In fact, if it is anything less than a complete bloodbath, the American public will *still* be thirsting for blood and Obama will be staring down the barrel of a two-year slog to his 2012 campaign and a possible challenge by Hillary.

Faced with the potential peril and extermination of the party, I think the MSM starts with hit pieces like "Where did he go wrong" or "The Failed Dream Two Years In'. These will be followed by "Barack Obama fails to wipe after 'two-ing it' in the White House lavatory" or "Bo the Dog Craps on Oval Office Rug" and the final blow: "BO, The POTUS, Craps on Oval Office Rug". Of course, as these stories hit the light of day, the MSM organs, Newsweak, the NYT, and Time see their circulation rise and the revenues flow in. 

After a while, even the dense editors and publishers will see the light and realize that they have developed a cottage industry in bashing the incompetent POTUS.

The final, final, final straw will be when Hillary does challenge him for the nomination, t`he HillBuzz Boyz (bless their name!) mount a nation-wide money bomb for Hill, and the 2012 race ends up being between Bachman/Palin and Hillary/Lieberman..

..with that thug, his cronies, and the ample-assed FLOTUS slinking off to Chicago to live off the adoration of the terminally retarded. One day, I predict, he is found in a crack whore's bedroom room with a heroin needle stuck in his arm, the victim of a hot shot.

..or not.


  1. Thank you for the great commentary, and kind words. Much appreciated.


  2.'s my pleasure. You are very entertaining to read and -- may I say -- that I did not get your sobriquet until just this afternoon.

    You're dealing with a pretty slow guy over here..