May 18, 2010

No jesting here..

It is one of the side benefits of blogging that you scurry all over the internet and have occasion to visit other like-minded, not-so-like-minded, and feeble-minded sites. Cruise the world from the comfort of your chair as it were. The other good thing is that other folks come calling on you, most welcome, some not. Well, in my case, not so many yet, but I still harbor hopes and dreams (if not illusions) of mega-hit grandeur.

But one visitor who has crossed my threshold and left his footprints all over my welcome mat (in a good sort of way) is King's Jester -- a person of boundless wit and talent.

To digress a little, I started out blogging life last August as a duplicitous cold war double-agent, Voyska PVO, and have since shed that ambiguous identity for something more down the heart of the plate. At first, I heaped volumes of persiflage into my posts and eschewed the flash and glitter of embedded videos and cutesy-pie .jpg files (I will not use the word "snarky" ever) until I realized in this short-attention-spanned electro-flash society, people don't read, they just lookit them pitchers..and mo'om pitchers are even better. So, my posts have become visual components strung together by what wit and humor I could scrape from the bottom of my brain pan.

But I secretly like to write and, sadly, I do not do it so well.

Anyway, back on track here, King's Jester writes posts -- just like the old time Web Loggers did and Jim Morrissey does and Allapundit does and, yawn, George Will does -- and King's Jester writes real good. I offer today's premier post as evidence and shoo you meager few who have stumbled onto my site over there with the request that you come back real soon, you all heah?

..and bring a hunnert or so of your friends.

Here, by the way courtesy of King's Jester and You Tube, is a cute little ditty by the immortal Ray Stevens ~~ whom I always thought was the wrestler who coined the phrase, "Pencil Neck Geek".

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