May 22, 2010

PA-12? What was PA-12?

The brief respite PA-12 afforded the Democrats from the remorseless onslaught of G.O.P. or Republican or Tea Party or Whatever victories has come to an end. Charles Djou has won a special election over a pack of slavering Dems  and other aspirants:

Republican Charles Djou emerged victorious tonight in the special election to fill Hawaii's vacancy in Congress, giving Hawaii it's first GOP member of Congress in 20 years.

Djou won the special mail-in election with 39.5 percent of the vote in the first printout, released at 6 p.m. isn't that special? Hat tip to Drudge and the Honolulu Star Bulletin. Wonder how all of the MSM and libs will spin this one.

In an insightful analysis, Ed Morrissey of Hot Air! states the obvious: Djou probably only won the seat until November when there will be only one Democrat opposing him. However, the two Democrats -- Case and Hanabusa -- do not like each other and it may result in a bloodbath primary to determine Djou's opponent in a heavily Democrat district. I'm thinking several things: (1) Djou's in Washington actually performing the job so any bitterness in the primary may convince a lot of people that they should go with the guy who is representing them at the moment rather than give either of these two cat-fighting fools a chance. (2) A corollary to this would be that by the time the Fall election rolls around, Democrat voters will be just plain campaigned out (three elections in five months) and not show up, giving some advantage (if not the edge) to Djou. Also, (3) this situation obviously makes Djou a much bigger threat to retain the seat than originally thought. Therefore, the DCCC would have to expend yet more money trying to win back another seat -- especially the POSOTUS's seat -- they had in the bag for the last twenty years.

HANDY INSERT FOR YOUR CRIMESTOPPER'S NOTEBOOK: If you get into it with one of your lib friend about this race and how Djou's days are numbered, you can tell that clown whatever spin he applies, it can be also be very much true of the recent PA-12 special election, the only difference being that the DCCC will have to expend even more money to retain or regain seats they comfortably held. This comes, of course, when Dem enthusiasm is flagging and conservative enthusiasm is on the rise.

O.K., YOU ALL ARE ON NOTICE: The term "POSOTUS" is popping up with more frequency in posts and commentary around the internet. It should be be obvious that it is an amalgamation of the acronyms "POS" and "POTUS". I'd be an idiot to say that I invented it and get screechy about its use. However, I "coined" this term back in one of my nascent posting efforts on Pajamas Media in February 2009 when the communal gorge began to rise over the -- ahem -- POSOTUS's new regime.

However, I am an idiot and you all are hereby enjoined from using this term without attribution. If I catch any of you throwing this out with out crediting me -- The War Planner -- or my former incarnation as Войска ПВО (Voyska PVO) then you will be receiving a stern letter of reprimand from my attorney's law firm, Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe.

On the other hand, I freely concede that TexEd -- a poster over at Pajamas Media -- is the author and originator of the term Chimpy the Kenyan.

RIDLEY SCOTT'S ROBIN HOOD? An entertaining -- albeit pasted together and derivative -- picture that completely fractures the Robin Hood legend with chronological inaccuracies about King John and [spoiler alert] the Magna Carta.

Good battle scenes throughout the movie but offer of prof as to it's derivativeness? remember that scintillating scene in Gladiator when Russell Crowe jumps on the horse in the gladiator ring and one of his buddies throws him a sword? Well  Scott had Crowe reprise that sequence no less than three times in Robin Hood with two swords and a hammer.

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