May 14, 2010

The Trenton Wrecking Ball..

I think I have found a new hero; one hears about Governor Christie's hard-assed treatment of the poor, set-upon liberal wusses in New Jersey. Well, here's proof.

If he doe not run for president in 2016, I wonder if we could move him out to California so he could take over for the nutless wonders we have had the last 8 years -- and will probably have for the next eight years.

..a three-hunnert pound Ronald Reagan? I think so!

Keep it up, Governor.


  1. I don't know if I've heard anything that refreshing in years. It's nice to know that there's a little sanity in political office.

    I'm a big fan of straight talk (the real thing, not what John McCain called straight talk, which was just the same old gibberish), in both public and private life.
    I have zero respect for a person who refuses to communicate in a straightforward, unadorned manner. Not everyone is great at it, but everyone can work on it and improve. Politicians, unfortunately, tend to hone their gibberish skills as their greatest qualifications for office.

  2. ..I do not know which piece I teared up for more: the speech by Ollie North or this one. Of course, I am joking -- but Christie is sure a close second.

    No one expected much out of him -- he fell into the category of N.E. Republican RINO, etc. -- but, so far, him socking it to the unions and this sh*tbag MSM reporter sure earns him some high marks.

    ..a long dead [R] concept: In your face!

  3. >In your face!

    We need to bring that back. Clear, direct, unambiguous war-hammers of truth. (The war-hammers would be courtesy of Frank Frazetta, of course.)