May 17, 2010

Can you guys make some room down there under the bus?

..I got someone who wants to join ya.

I love it when they eat their young. Allahpundit reports over on Hot Air that The Sphincter is getting dumped by The Pantload.

..I know, I know, there's a good straight line in there somewhere.

But the real humor here is that Biden promised to campaign "as needed" for Spectre last week. So, I'm thinking that someone ought to stake Biden down lest he head out to Pennsylvania and start running his mouth by accident.

..not that he's ever done that before.

O.K., just one more time:

For possibly the last time: artwork courtesy of the lovely and talented Madame Weasel.


  1. I got nothing! Picture says it all

  2. ..for a real treat, check out the web site where that came from (see link above). Ms Weasel is a real wizardress. I was turned on to her by the former Track-a-Crat blogger who appropriated that picture of Specter. I commend her April 2009 archive and then work your way forward.

    By the way, if you search her threads somewhere around August or September 2009 -- which you shouldn't because you have a life (unlike me) -- you will see that I suggested she conduct a Dead Pool. Her posters took the suggestion and ran with it. The neat thing was it was in full swing before Teddy croaked., did we have fun with that!

  3. As November draws nigh, more and more Dems will be looking at Obama and saying, "Dude, don't be on my side, okay?"

  4. will be a rich scenario, won't it? I got the popcorn and beer all ready for 2 November 2010.