May 1, 2010

GM 101

Herewith, a brief tutorial (courtesy of Reason TV via Hot Air) on how GM pulled that debt payoff flim-flam. Nice to know the big boys are kiting the funds we -- the U.S. taxpayers -- loaned them back in 2008. Sure looking forward to the release of the 2011 models, aren't you?

(Picture courtesy of the Op-toons blog.)


  1. People at Enron went to prison when they cooked their books. But when you do it with gov't money, hey, let's brag about it in a new ad campaign!

  2. ..wise beyond your years! Maybe when all of this trash gets flushed next November and in 2012 we can find a spot for them in Leavenworth.

  3. i wish my bookie would allow me to pull this stunt!