July 31, 2010

Time wounds all heels..

I want to choose my words carefully here. I want to be sincere.

Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky has turned out to be a beautiful young lady and she has borne the troubles of her father's and mother's tumultuous public life with quiet dignity. She was married yesterday in a ceremony that was to have reportedly cost $3,000,000 and had a guest list of some very distinguished luminaries from the world of government, politics, business, and other realms where cometh rich-and-famous glitterati.

I am sincerely happy for her and -- not ungrudgingly -- am happy for her parents. Whatever anger, fears, dislikes, and other petty hatreds I harbored for the Clintons for their escapades in the last decade of the last century have evaporated -- at least for one day -- and been replaced by a joy for them and a wish that their lovely daughter will begin a wonderful and happy life with her new main squeeze.

You cannot let the black cloud of resentment hang over your heart on such a wonderful day for such a sweet, young lady. You must move on; you must forgive and forget..

..and you must get down on your knees and give thanks to the Lord God Almighty that the elder Clintons, in all of their questionable wisdom, DID NOT EXTEND AN INVITATION TO BARACK OBAMA IN WHAT MUST BE THE ALL-TIME SNUB OF THIS CENTURY AND THE LAST.

(You just know that The Pantload -- eternal narcissist that he is -- is off in some back room, face buried in a pillow, screaming muffled obscenities at being denied the limelight on this august occasion!)  



  1. Hi War Planner, Great post. I was thinking the same thing, Chelsea did survive a pretty turbulent life with dignaty, and you don't read about her doing silly things.

    The best part was the SNUB heard ROUND THE WORLD!
    I knew he was VERY mad when he brought it up on the view!

    PS: Do you happen to know if the elder Bush or even the latter was invited. Bill & Bush 1 got kind of chummy. THAT would be the cherry on the cake if any previous Presidents were invited! The news reports haven't been on here yet.
    Happy Sunday.

  2. Bunni, great call out,if the Bush's were invited, we need to get some pics and have fun with it.

    As for BO not getting invited, I am sure he will publicly use the excuse that the security would have been to difficult..

  3. I am happy to see that Chelsea is moving away from her communist parents by marrying a capitalist pig. This is a step in the right direction. Still, I have questions and concerns.

    (1) Does Chelsea feel bad about spending such a high-dollar amount, given that her parents extorted this money from a largely moronic American taxpaying population?
    (2) If she does feel bad, will she turn states’ evidence against her parents?
    (3) If Shirley Sherrod attended the wedding ceremony, does this suggest Chelsea and her parents are not racists?
    (4) Will the chickens come home to roost next May when Hillary resigns as Sec State to run against Obama?
    (5) Can you save 15% or more by switching your car insurance to Geico?

    Thank you for allowing me to participate in the development of an important survey.

  4. I wish for the best for Chelsea and Marc.

    Jimmy Carter being invited along with Bush 1 and Bush 2 to the wedding would be grand in snub heard around the world.

  5. I love how you put this out here, WP. Well written, funny and TRUE!

  6. ..LCR, et al, there are some sinister forces at work here that go beyond a mere snub by the highest ranking cabinet member of the president's regime -- the Secretary of State.

    Ed Rendell and various other luminaries who backed Hillary in 2008 have been grumbling about one thing or another of late. If the midterms go badly, one believes all will put the best face on it they can but there will be an exodus away from The Pantload should the economic picture and the situation in The 'Stan improve greatly.

    There may very well be a challenge from Mlle Clinton in 2012 and -- are you listening God? -- that could weaken Obama greatly.

    Of course, if the Republicans take back the House and the senate, they'd better be prepared to do something substantive when the get the keys to the car otherwise the vast hordes of independents who fled Obama will gravitate towards a tough-sounding Hillary and we would end up with her as POSTUS over a Romney or a Huckabee.

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