July 19, 2010

Not gonna tell you..ha..ha..ha..ha..

You're gonna have to go to the site to find out.

P.S. - Odie and "What Makes Us Right", this is NOT a Stacy McCain Rule #5 Post.


  1. Your eyes hurt? Your eyes hurt? How do you think that scummy, wrinkled, dessicated old bitch's eyes feel? You only have to lookit that pitcher -- what? -- mebbe three four times in your life?

    Pelosi's gotta stare at it everyday in the mirror for the duration..

    ..and it ain't gettin' any younger. Like I said to Scooter over on his site, I gotta go out to the pool filter shed and get me a bottle of full-strength muriatic acid to pour on my face!


  2. Bunni, watch out what you say! I'll have no running down of perfectly good butts here on this site!