July 28, 2010

The Enemy Within

When I started this exercise almost a year ago, I was titillated by the "monetize" option Blogger offers. For the sake of layout control (yeah, how's that working out for ya, W.P.?), I passed on it. I did not know how, where, and why the ads would show up and I might even end up huckstering such things as Preparation H or FDS or septic tank cleaning services.

You know, stuff that didn't fit with the manly theme of right-wing, war-loving, ex-blood-thirsty ex-SAC-trained killer and like that.

Well, for once my lackadaisical demeanor paid dividends. I was over at MA's site and noticed this:

Huh! Was it maybe a Carly Clip? A link to a You Tube where Babs Box-a-Rocks mumbles something really stupid like earning military stripes by serving in the senate?

Na, it was a full-blown legit ad for Boxer's campaign.

I'll save any inane post-mortem prattle and spare you my usual over-analysis. But I gotta tell you, it's pretty shocking to see that on MA's site and I am reasonably sure that MA, a Devore backer, would be backing Fiorina and NOT Boxer.

So, I am glad I have not monetized TWP here. Woo knows what shows up? Hemorrhoid medications, feminine douche products, male enhancement commercials, or perhaps something even more embarrassing..

..an ad for the senate campaign of that dumb broad's.


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