July 11, 2010

Check out Christopher's Blog..

One of my gracious commenters, Christopher, has a terrific item over at his site and it is must see stuff. Heres a .jpg tease for the video:


  1. Hey Planner, Thanks for the link and your most excellent comment! You have much insight Sir and thanks again!

  2. ..yea, nice of you to say and thank you, but I sure didn't pick up on that great video like you did! It is a keeper and has made my day!

    I'll link your blog over there on the right-->

  3. TWP, you tell Christopher I'm never going over there.

    Actually, I would have found it ... you both share the same sidebar ... you poor bastards.

  4. ..now, now, Odie. Play nicely with others or I'll have to come up to Truckee and lay some hurt on you!

    (Yeah, right! Like I could/would ever do something like that!)