July 26, 2010

Stop the presses..I want to get off!

O.K., I tried the promising new frontier of Blogster's improved formats and crashed and burned. Looks like it's going to take a roll-up-my-sleeves effort to make the TicTac template bend to my will.

The main reason for sticking with TicTac is the sexy way it handles block quotes. I'll figger it out and, never fear, when it comes to coding close to the metal, that's what I have been good at these past 40 years. So, Blogster, you will be assimilated!

I want to send out a public display of gratitude to the always-patient Woodsterman, who attempted to guide me through the shoals patiently. Odie even cranked up a couple of sample pages for me -- which means that (1) he has an incredible amount of time on his hands or (b) he knows that I am incredibly stupid.

..I'm thinking the latter.

In any case, Odie, my thanks for your help and encouragement. (Replete with F-Bombs yet!)

For those of you waiting for the third and, mercifully, last in the series about the Tour de France, I'll put that up tomorrow. Judging from the traffic that it generated, would those waiting please wake the others up for me?

Once that is done, though, it's back to politics -- and I am sure glad LCR jumped in to pick up the slack.

UPDATE: This'll probably get buried by other posts, but as a handy reference, I located a URL and placed it on my sidebar for those who suffer under the tyrannical convenience of the evil Blogger Empire. Shown below, it is below the Pantload's Progress link:

..you might also check out the Terminal Lance link; some salty, but authentic USMC humor..or, so I am told by the Leatherneck Scion.



  1. What a wuss. And yes Opie, I am a peach ... if you don't mind the fuzz.

  2. War Planner, Odie is a peach and ever so helpful.
    I'm afraid to mess around with my backgrounds and templates and all that.

    You write such good things, that even with a plain background like now.
    your blog is cool.

  3. Odie and ladies, my sincere thanks for your wonderful thoughts and encouragement.

    Bunni, you are "an absolute sweety"!

  4. TWP, I have recently been meddling with new templates as well, and I finally changed out mine. I was a hold out mainly because in the new templates, I have not been able to change the HTML code to improve the appearance of the block quotes. If you figure it out, or I guess I should say, if Odie figures it out, let me know. It would be much appreciated!