July 28, 2010

Signoff Post

The Conservative Lady was gracious enough to stop by just a few minutes ago and leave a comment. I always enjoy her visits -- as I do all who stop by and poke around the ratty abode here. But it reminded me to remind you to visit her place and read her post on the vacation plans of  The Pantload, Panloadette,  the Pantloadinis.

Disclaimer: That's the furthest I will trespass into Obama's family; politicians' children -- unless they actively campaign for their parent -- are off limits.

To continue, The Conservative lady has done a marvelous job of documenting this and it is a must-visit. Here's a tease:

Believe me, I don't begrudge the POTUS a break from the White House once in a while. It's got to be a stressful job. Playing golf a couple of times a month isn't going to cut it, especially if the rest of the family has to sit in the White House biding their time while Barry's out hitting the links.

Great stuff if you are -- like I am -- a masochist and revel in stuff about Obama that will really nauseate you.



  1. How much do we have to send them home to Kenya and keep them there?

  2. Heck, we'd save money if we sent the entire legislature away to Tahiti for an extended vacation for the next couple of years.

  3. I'm with LL, send all of obarmy's "family" to kenya forever.
    Maybe he can get some quality time with his brother, auntie, grandma and visit their shacks.

  4. Just hearing the name O___a is nauseating enough for me.

    Kenya, Indonesia wherever, just rid our shores of this garbage.

  5. ..good points and I feel the same way. Although, I wonder if we will feel any pangs in, oh, say, April 2013 after this clown has left office. I mean will we be missing the daily gaffes and missteps?

    No? I didn't think so!

  6. Thank you for the link to my post. I am honored.

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