July 20, 2010

Obligatory TWP "Me Too!" Post..

As noted first by Lipton Tea Bagg, Odie over at Woodsterman, kindly gentleman and purveyor of really, really giddy art work (as well as those hot pics of comely Wal Mart babes and brides) was gracious enough to provide this rag-tag movement a coat of arms as it were. (For the challenged in my readership, it's above.)

When I figure out where/how to tuck it into a prominent place here at T.W.P. I will do so. And you all are welcome to suck it off of this site and use it on your blogs as well.

In fact, unless you're HuffPo, WhiteHouse.gov, or Andy Sullvan, I'd be damned proud to have you do so. I know Odie would as well. Also, remember the manners your mom taught you; head over to Odie's site and thank him for his effort.

Odie, you are hereby elevated from LCR pledge to active status. The rest of you, well, start rehearsing the phrase "Thank you sir, may I have another?" and be prepared to show us a log of your daily check-ins to the Obama Fail Blog.



  1. I would love to borrow the graphic, but I am an east coaster... Maybe we could create a Right Coast Resistance (RCR)! Any one?

  2. That's a hoot, I just emailed you that I couldn't put it on my site until I was no longer a pledge. Thanks for the promotion.

  3. Dear Mr What (Dr What?):

    ..no matter! Do it and/or have Odie do you a graphic. Remember Ed Morrissey's Northern Alliance? Well, there you go.

    Also, I am thinking that scene in Spartacus where Kirk Douglas stands up and identifies himself to the Romans -- immediately followed by the others.

    Only this time, when *we* do that in November, we'll be the one's with the hammer, nails and 6x6's.