July 18, 2010

..stand by while I get things squared away..

A lot of things went on this weekend..and I mean A LOT..but I just had to help Michelle make this go viral..

..er..that's Michelle Malkin, of course. Michelle the FLOTUS was busy talking about blind prostitutes hooking in St Louis and getting the FIRST DOG off of the separate jet that carted him to Maine on the family vacation..

The product and the web site are legit, by the way. I hope these guys make a ton o' dough!

O.K., THE RADIO GEAR'S PUT AWAY: Now I gotta take a shower so Mrs War Planner does not file for divorce. But here's something else absolutely stunnig via Malkin's site. Senior Alzheimers suffer and resident news guy drooler, Bob ("that's with one 'O'") Scheiffer fades on an interview with Holder by not asking him about the recent DOJ flap over the Black Panther poll watchers' voter intimidation case:

..hey, grandpa Bob, what do you think people on the blogosphere (Jee-zus, I hate that word) have been burning up the internet with? Call your assisted living people Bob, it's time to move you out of the afternoon sun and change your Depends, you senile old fart.

I hope that Shabazz M. Shabazz comes after you, you geriatric old cracker sumbitch!


  1. Thank God I'm not stupid enough to need one.

  2. WP....where are the pictures...I thought I was going to get them every time I stopped by!

  3. ..dude, I am workign as fast as I can..

    Also, Mrs War Planner has a watchful eye out and too much of that type of shenanigans and I will be speaking soprano permanently.