July 4, 2010

Drive by..

This is a cruel, mean-spirited rant I wanted to give voice to because these wicked thoughts come to me every time I read something by Peggy Noonan about how Obama has fallen off stride in her estimation.

Peggy Noonan? Isn’t she that old bag lady that lives on a steam grate outside the Sam Rayburn building, knocking back paper-bagged bottles of Sneaky Pete and telling everyone who passes that she used to be a contendah?

She had her chance — as did her fellow traveler, George Will. They coulda pulled the trigger on this fraud in the White House and his clown troupe; they coulda smothered him in the cradle. Instead, they crafted their hosannas to him and became enablers, attendees to his little Georgetown dinner soirees, and certifiable Obama bum-osculators..

..only now to try to reinstate themselves in our good graces by ineffectually nipping at his heels with their carping.

Your old news, Peggy babes. Accept the small change from the passers by, take a another slug of the cherry brandy, and try to get yourself to a shelter once in a while for a shower; you’re beginning to reek.

UPDATE: For the benefit of two of my cherished visitors: Opus and Bastiatarian and for interlopers in general, I thought perhaps I was being a little harsh on her last night and would feel differently in the morning..

..I don't.

A couple of year's ago, hearing of how she and Will went to that Georgetown dinner party with Obama after Noonan had eschewed McCain and backed Obama sent me over the top.

One does not insist on blind party loyalty and -- to be sure McCain came with a lot of warts -- but 48% percent of us saw that The Pantload was incapable of handling the responsibilities of an executive position. Many of us are less intelligent and less educated -- and less worldly -- than Noonan and Will and yet we were not hoodwinked. If it is their job to inform and express an opinion then we should exact a toll for their doing so and that should be an expectation of some degree of prescience. If they missed this call so badly, then why should we give them any credibility?

No, it is my fondest wish that this woman lose her readership and be cast out of a position where she can so terribly infect the minds of others. Basically, the inside-the-beltway types suck in my book.


  1. The somewhat intelligent ones feel the winds of change blowing the other way and want to get on board. Or keep their fingers in both pies just in case.

    Nice try, Noonan. Save it for someone who trusts your judgement. I sure don't.

  2. Integrity isn't too terribly in vogue for the Noonans of the world.

  3. Yep, agreed. The best Noonan is less Noonan.


  4. How can I count the ways I really dislike this woman. She is loony toons. Thank you for verifying my thoughts.