July 29, 2010

Right! What's all this then?

..over there on the right.

I belong to Hew Hughitt's (I know, I know..) Hughniverse (the singularly most lame name for an internet service ever devised) and enjoy listening to back editions of Hew's show sans commercials. And, as I have written on this site before, sometimes his offerings border on the plodding, uninspired, and desultory. However, when Hew's on fire, well, he's on fire! But the dirty little secret here is that when he's out of town on a cruise, as he these past two weeks, he has some absolutely fabulous guest hosts take over who -- with the exception of that corpulent pollster, Frank Luntz -- manage to break out of the rigid structure Hughitt imposes on the show format and tear up the real estate with their topics, commentary, interviews, and phone calls. Cases in point were last weeks appearance by my absolutely favorite blogger, Ed Morrissey of Hot Air. This week it has been Guy Benson (who I pray gets a national sow one day) and Mary Katherine Ham ('nuff said).

Not shilling for Hughitt here, but you ought to look into a subscription. I predict with the upcoming election, this service will become a valuable and reasonable resource for about $5 or so per month.

Anyway, wandering back onto the subject sort of, I was listening to one of Ed's sit-in sessions (for July 20th, I believe) where he was discussing the Sherrod incident somewhere in mid-bloom with Jim Geraghty. From the comfy perspective of being perched on July 29th, I began to realize that even Morrissey and Geraghty were getting wrapped around the axle on this story. The worm had to turn a couple of more times before this woman's 15 minutes mercifully played out. However, like the Terminator or Douglas MacArthur, and a case of athlete's foot, she promises to return, re-appear, and/or resurface.

But in the interim I got so-o-o-o-o sick of getting whiplashed by the Sherrods' stories (both of 'em) and the oscillation back-and-forth about whether they're racists or we're racists or whether The POSOTUS is racist (he is) that I decided that I cannot bear to discuss this any more. Consequently, last Sunday evening I did a crude graphic (Woodsterman's domain is safe) and posted it over there..on the right as a warning to all.

No sir! Not gonna discuss this story ever again, not even if this woman switches to the GOP or the Tea Party and starts bagging big-time on The Pantload as the incompetent, narcissistic, self-interested, festering bag of bovine excrement that he truly is...

..well, maybe if it comes to that.

UPDATE: Get out the Desenex..she's ba-a-a-a-a-c-k!

DISLCAIMER: I do like Hughitt; just wish he was on fire 24/7/365 like Mark Levin is. Also, I regard his much-maligned assistant, Duane, to be very humorous and a pretty savvy guy politically. My favorite part of the week is Friday of the week when Duane and Ed Morrisey hook up on Ed's internet show because -- well -- it is Friday and those two guys are fun to listen to when they go at it. It is THE most comprehensive and humorous survey of the week's political events in which no boring inside-the-beltway types participate.


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