July 23, 2010

Plugs set to pump iron..

The "heavy lifting is over" when it comes to the Obama administration's legislative priorities this year, Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday evening.

..this little bit of bravado brought to you by the guy whose main exercise consists of flapping his lips and creating hurricane-force winds of questionable veracity.

Slow Joe continues with the Gold's Gym metaphor:

“Now that the heavy lifting is over, we can go out and make our case,” Biden said at a fundraiser in North Carolina, according to a pool report.

It would be laughable were it not such a wad of pathetic testosterone-saturated hoo-haa. Just in case you were re-animated from a cryogenic tank and awaiting a brain transplant or other hoped-for new-age medical miracle, you missed (1) the takeover of car companies, banks, and now Wall Street and Main Street, (2) the passage of a so-called stimulus that was to have saved our economy from financial oblivion, (3) the passage of a universal health care that promises to run to ground the best medical system in the world, (4) mishandling of natural and man-made catastrophes -- the Gulf of Mexico is a massive oil slick and we have almost daily Jihadis traipsing into the country with C-4 jammed into briefcases and briefs, and (5) a whirling fusillade of gaffes, knee-jerk policy enactments and pronuncimientos, and outright breathtaking incompetence.

Oh, and that transplant you got thawed out for? Well, any later down the road and you'd be S.O.L.

Anyway, I hope Biden's right. I hope this is the signal to shut down that bull manure production line they call Congress. I hope they put a lid on it instead of running out the promised crap-and-tax and immigration reform.

Let them run on their record to date. Let them spin the prevarications in the face of an American public who, by now, is massing in the city squares with torches and pitch forks and looking for a road map to the Baron's castle. It'll be fun to see them at the town halls speechifyin' to that crowd. Talk about a tough room.

Yeah, it's gonna take some massive cajones to do that. And, while Plugs thinks he's pumped enough iron to frolic around in Speedos and Mazola, I rather suspect that you peek under the briefs and you will see a common characteristic peculiar to all steroid-chugging body builders:

..shriveled plumbing and testicles the size of BBs.



  1. First it's the Biden "water sports" and now pumping whatever.

  2. ..guess this administraton ha sbeen giving the American public the FMJRA all along, eh?