July 31, 2010

Support Day by Day...

Today's Strip

I know everyone's got their hand out these days -- especially with the noble and necessary Ten Buck Fridays -- but, if you have some spare gitas around, consider supporting Chris Muir and his effort to get an interesting and piquant conservative strips out..er..day by day.

Some years ago, I had a nice e-mail exchange with Chris -- about rifles and collecting M-1s (I did; he wanted to) -- and he provided some insight into his lifestyle of sorts.

Not revealing any secrets, but he does not get really rich off his DBD efforts. The funds contributed allow him to do the strip and eke out an existence. Let's just say that, according to what he shared with me then, he will not be severely affected by the expiration of the Bush tax cuts. Next year, when I go on the gummint old-age dole, he get's a much bigger annual stipend from me. I guess you could say, I won't be much affected by the expiration of the Bush tax cuts either..

..except that I will hate the Pantload and Dems all the more for their stupidity.

Anyway, visit and hit the tip jar if you can.



  1. Thank you for the promo!... I still dream of a stainless M-1...

  2. Chris..it's an honor to have you visit my humble digs. DBD sustained me -- SUSTAINED ME -- when that a**hole Kerry was running for prez..and continues today. It was the fact that characters like Zed and Sam and Damon were so-o-o-o-o hip *and* conservative.

    For me, DBD was the anti-Doonesbury: airy, light, cheerful, breezy and subtle. Your style is totally bereft of the heavy-handed humor Trudeau engaged in.

    ..anyway,I feel a post coming on and overwhelming guilt that I was so penurious. So, I'll hit the Single Malt jug, compose another paen to your efforts and hit the tip jar a little harder later this evening.

    But, don't worry about me; I'm tough and can handle it!