July 12, 2010

Another Dem Asshat blows it out his..err..ass..

Courtesy of Hot Air!, Rep. Ciro Rodriguez (D-TX) goes postal (well..almost) over the fact that one of his constituents at a town hall called him on some bad ObamaCare numbers.

Now, all kinds of witty things to say come to mind, but I'll just stick with the script and remark how this behavior evinces panic. Turns out he's in a heavily gerrymandered district and is #64 on the list of most elegible Democrats floating around in the bowl waiting for someone to pull the chain.

(Great resource, that Hot Air! Green Room.)

Want to see this piece of fecal matter do a few laps around the bowl? Here's his opponent in the upcoming election -- Francesco Conseco -- so visit the site and maybe drop a money bomb on him. Maybe we'll be blessed with another You Tube video of jerkward above undergoing a meltdown on 2 November..

..which brings me to a couple of important things: Odie sent me a far-out NOvember! logo -- typical of his absolutely soldid work and I am going to giddily use it here for the first time of many until the penultimate month eventuates.

And, secondly, once I stomp on a software bug I am currently at war with, I want to go into full tilt mode with the shocking HillBuzz revelations of voter fraud from GiGi Gaston. Meantime, for some good 4-1-1 on this crap sandwich and why you need to get involved go on over to HillBuzz and Miss Bunni's site and do your homework. This could blow up this Summer and we might be seeing the Golf-Playing Turd Bag with a lot of -- er -debris -- on his person.

And now, without further adieu, the wonderful handiwork of the Woodsterman! Take it away, Odie!


  1. What would we do without YouTube? Desperation is in the air.

    Terrific graphic. I picked up a great bumper sticker from Odie today. He's got some good ones over there.

  2. Wow TWP, thanks for the ataboy. I'm glad to do what I can to get something going before NOvember.

  3. That is an excellent logo! I am enjoying your blog!