July 22, 2010

Off Limits..

Michelle Malkin said it best:

Raise your hands: Who else is sick of the Shirley Sherrod circus?

This is getting so-o-o-o-o old that the fact that it is so fifteen minutes ago is so fifteen minutes ago. I am hereby declaring TWP to be a Sherrod-free Zone. I mean, the woman has been reviled, revered, fired, re-hired, excoriated, gotten her obligatory interview on left-leaning media, called for Breitbart to be shut down, called FNS biased and racist, gotten her call from The Pantload..

..is there anything left to be done?

I'm thinking speechifyin' in front of a joint-session of congress and maybe convening the U.N. General Assembly?

Spare me.

Let's move on; I have Sherrod fatigue.

..unless, of course, we launch into some other aspect of this sorry episode of peristaltic gesticulations by the White House or some background investigation turning up the fact that she barbecues and serves Pomeranians at her weekend get-togethers.

Nah, not even that.

HYPOCRITICAL FRACTURING OF BLOG GROUND RULES: O.K., I just this one time..and then it's syonara for Shirley and the Knee-Jerk POTUS. Flagrantly purloined from The Right Scoop and offered for your viewing pleasure, Glenn Beck program segment where our hero has a sniggering meltdown over Olbermann's hyperbolic, drama-queen rant on the stealing of Shirley's honor:

..you ever been in one of those laugh-fests and could not stop? Well this is one of those and the best thing of all is that it is at the expense of that MSDNC douche bag, Olbermann.



  1. I didn't hear the beginning of Glenn's show today when this occurred, but he played it later on. You're right...you can't stop laughing. Keith Olber-moron is, well...a moron.
    Thanks for posting the video. I am going to post it at TCL FB with a link to you.

  2. I'm sick of it and I refuse to read your post about it. Bikini surfer chicks won't even help. You could try and post them and I could prove it to you.

  3. OOH, OOh, I spoke tooooo soooon. I saw the Keithy baby and had to watch. Keith is SUCH A GIRL !!!!

  4. I'm sick of the broad. I never posted about her, just did some FB stuff on how the developments are going. I'm sick of her, and it was all orchestrated to hide the good news about crap & tax & rangel the crook.

    That video is hilarious.