July 19, 2010

More ugly pictures..

I plugged this young mad a few posts ago, but this is worth a repeat.

Left Coast rebel provided the 4-1-1 back story and I have had some delightful communication with this young man, so I want to remind you to link, refer to, visit, comment on, and otherwise pay attention to The Obama Fail Blog.

Day-by-day, he racks up the failures and absurdities of this POTUS's regime. It is a thankless task, but his efforts to chronicle this debacle will be a very valuable resource come 21 January 2013 when that turd gets flushed. It is methodical and sans extreme editorial hyperbole

Well, now he the progenitor of the O.F.B. has a great new project -- a site called Obamanomics and it is a link of the pathetic residue of this failed economy, failed stimulus, and failed regime. You can participate as well: just send snaps of the truly pathetic boarded up businesses to him along with a description.

..as they say in comedy routines, "That's gonna leave a mark!"



  1. The economy is groaning under the weight of the ObamaNation and it needs to be set right as it can be in November.

  2. TWP - Since you have a little dialogue (or have had) with Ed Morrissey, you should 'heads-up' him on the OFB and the great work he is doing....I don't know how he even keeps up with it.

  3. LL,

    Think MA and you would be up for a beer summit again soon? I know this great place down in Carlsbad.


  4. I had some errands to do today so I thought I would check our local out of businesses stores. It was sad seeing how many slipped away.