July 11, 2010

On the road again..

Hat tip from a Hot Air! commenter, American Thinker, and Scared Monkeys, it seems that our beloved POSOTUS is taking the fam on another excursion to get all of them away from the rigors of D.C. life and perhaps get The Pantload a new golfing venuw. I'll be tthe Andrews ' course is getting pretty old.

Jeannie DeAngelis, author of The American Thinker piece, comes up with some pretty acerbic commentary regarding the cuisine Obama will be subjecting his family to:

Since eating is always central to Obama junkets, Mount Desert Island has cuisine to satisfy even the most discriminating palate. I'd venture a guess that the Obama entourage visits The Rose Garden Restaurant.

Thanks to Obama's economic policies, America gags down boxed macaroni and cheese and stale bologna sandwiches while the furlough-President indulges in bistros that tout "a la carte and prix-fixe menus [that] aren't cheap." The Rose Garden menu includes all-American favorites like "strudel filled with asparagus and Gruyère, peppery venison with squash puree," topped off by desserts like "mascarpone cheesecake."

..and then drops the hammer with this pair of zingers. reminiscent of Obama's German campaign-junket trip to the gym instead of visiting wounded soldiers:

With such a jammed schedule, it may be hard for Obama to fit in a condolence call to the family of Maine resident Sgt. Brandon Silk, just killed in Afghanistan, let alone take out for one of those yummy ice cream cones the three children of late Staff Sergeant Eric Shaw of Augusta, Maine who, while on his third tour of duty, was cut down at age 31 by enemy fire.

Instead of putting a depressing damper on the weekend, America's "Dirigo" should just omit visiting families of dead Maine soldiers and instead end the respite optimistically with 18 holes at Kebo Golf Club before heading back to DC to pack for next month's vacation.

But the real hammer dropper goes to the commenter "Honsy" over at Hot Air! who observed:

The Pres. and his family will be vacationing in Maine this month

God forbid that he head to the Gulf states and show support for the beleaguered inhabitants there who are losing billions in tourist money because of his hands-off approach to solving the oil spill problem!

honsy on July 10, 2010 at 9:27 PM

Can this clown get any more tone-deaf?

AFTERTHOUGHT: Do you suppose that the Narcissist-in-Chief is going to Maine because the abbreviation is "Me"?

..courtesy of Woodsterman.


  1. He needs to go! I hope we can recover from this buffoon in my life time. Thanks for the link TWP.

  2. He is doing what every other tyrant and dictator-wannabes do...living high and mighty while cronies do his bidding and "common" people sweat and starve.

  3. "That bastard should eat [strike]a arsenic[/strike] an arsenic arugula soufflé."


  4. could you please clarify who wrote and where the first two quotes appeared? I have tried to follow the links and do not arrive at the article. Thanks

  5. Anonymous, sorry for the inconvenience; I fixed the link to the American Thinker post.