July 10, 2010

Live Free or Have Some Sweet 'Tater Pie

I stumbled on a post over at Michelle Malkin's blog that had the logo/symbol/badge of the New Black Panther Party (above) and was taken by the motto:


It struck me as being a little over the top, but then again, one of the Shabazz Brothers (I believe that would be the South Philly "Last Iota" Shabazz) comes off wrapped a little too tight, doesn't he?

But the motto reminds me a little of George Carlin's wonderful license plate rant:

"Famous Potatoes" seems a little more soothing and too bad Leonard and Felicia Bernstein ("..STYNE"!) aren't around to throw them a party. Maybe it's why their so pissed off? I dunno.

Anyway, as far as product branding goes, I guess we can take comfort in the fact that it's the NEW Black Panther Party. You know like "New and Improved Tide" or "New Colgate toothpaste -- guaranteed to kill halitosis dead with just one brushing", I guess one brush with these guys and crackers and/or their offspring get killed as well?

..anyway, there's the dinner bell; Mrs War Planner has just taken the sushi off the fire and I don't want to let it get cold.

Wishes for peace from a former cracker baby.

UPDATE: This from a HillBuzz commenter, Hungry4Food, provides this chilling interleaving of "One Iota" Shabazz and the Pantload's reading of one of his dreary, narcissistic tomes:

..Parenthetically, The HillBoyz went through the same disenfranchisement we now feel at a time when we laughed at them and rejoiced in the discomfort that the once-reviled Hillary Clinton experienced at the hands of this lying, dissembling, incompetent, racist POTUS thug.

Yeah, that's right folks. They were the first folks to get hit by this freight train and we stood by and laughed. Now, they have thoughtfully and forcefully become our allies and we do them ill if we ignore them again.Besides they are dear, sensitive people who -- like us -- only want the best for this country.

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