July 5, 2010

..and pathos and a call to arms.

Just as Woodsterman's wonderful anecdote roused you to laughter, this poignant piece posted at No Sheeples Here will summon a tear to the eye. It is beautiful and evocative.

I also want to broach a subject and solicit your assistance. I was reading an article this morning posted over at The Las Vega Review-Journal, "Barack Obama: The great jobs killer" and with interesting commentary also put up at The Illustrated Conservative.

A comment caught my eye by a benighted soul rejoicing in the name “ray.gun” and spouting the usual drivel about Bush and the Republicans destroying the economy and Obama having to rebuild it:

ray.gun wrote on July 05, 2010 08:14 AM:

facts are funny things. in the face of the worst economic crisis since the depression, corporate profits since obama took office have soared 40 percent, and the stock market, despite the recent slump, has risen more than 27 percent. to write an op-ed ignoring these facts is as silly as ignoring how under bush we were losing 750,000 jobs a month.

I attempted to respond to this rancid bilge water but tired of the “register-login-comment” cycle and moved on.

Now, in all fairness, I see this guy, Ray.Gun, as a deluded lib desert-rat, not unlike the Cousin Eddie character played by Randy Quaid replete with the metal plate in the head and overcome by atomic desert testing radiation.

But, we need to have a link -- or a series of URLs -- to counteract such unreferenced prevarications and distortions. Many of you who stop by are bloggers and scourers of the internet and I solicit your recommendations and references.

Just like I hoped to build a site logging all of Obama's nicknames, I hope to do something like this so that when you run into your own renditions of Cousin Eddie, you'll have a one-stop-shopping link to point these twits to.

So, its it a deal? Keep those cards and letters coming, folks!

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