July 4, 2010

"Headed in the right direction.."

..my left butt-cheek!

From Hot Air! commenter, "No Niks", a.k.a. RobtKraft, an absolutely stunning visual summary of The Pantload's effect on America:

..you younger whelps have to trust me as a person who sat through Carter's infamous "Malaise Speech" real time: Obama's reign will go down in history (except in the minds of those pointy-headed academicians who put him at number 15 ahead of Reagan) as a failed presidency.

God help us all.


  1. God help us all and register to vote.

    Happy Independence Day!

  2. I remember the "Malaise Speech" as well. More vividly, I remember how my father hung his head and sighed deeply as he wondered aloud how he was going to put milk on the table for 6 kids with the way the country was being run in such a feckless manner. How history has repeated herself. I hope that the rising up of this nation in a patriotic and proper fashion a la the 1770's will do the same, in a peaceful fashion of course.

  3. Well said, both!

    We have a chance this November -- and in 2012 -- and we cannot squander it on internecine squabbles; we must send an unequivocal, unambiguous message; no inside-the beltway-nuance: