July 13, 2010

Fox Cat Fight..

Meghan Kelley and Kirsten Powers get into it over a Town Hall where constituents appear flummoxed over their representative not knowing squat about the DOJ giving black voter intimidation cases a pass.

Ms Kelley is awesome, to be sure, but one has to wonder how *ahem* undermanned Ms Powers is in debating Kelley on the facts of a story and not preparing for the argument.

Decision: Kelley by a knockout!


  1. Yep: Kelley in a unanimous decision.

    Race must be the issue of the day, I just did one at my place, would appreciate your thoughts:



  2. That mic needed to be turned off sometimes.

  3. Gentlemen,

    Someone rightfully observed that it was 10 minutes of television that could be watched microphone on or muted.