August 15, 2011

We are experiencing technical difficulties..

..the goddam template I have been using has freaked out or Blogger stopped supporting it or some goddam thing and I gotta get this mess straightened out.Will be with you shortly.

Now, where's that goddam HTML book?




  1. your comment on about romney is ignorant and bigoted. the spread of this type of misinformation is what could keep potentially the best chance for an economic turnaround from happening.

  2. Anonymous, what kind of pussy uses Anonymous anyway?

    Hey Mister Planner type Dude, What the hell you doing here? I know you just loved that old template like a little girl loves puppies. Let me know if you need assistance. You've got this nice and wide ... that will be great for larger video, but loose the girlie birds.

  3. Odie,

    I think I am going to go with a variant of this template. I found a way to add those quote marks we discussed so I'll give that a whirl...

    ...and, yes, I'll lose those fruity fowl.

    Thanks for your offer of help!