August 29, 2011

"Three minutes, two teleprompters"

Be advised that I am not so much writing this post but flagrantly purloining most of it from The Beltway's recent Campaign 2012 article on President Downgrade's recent announcement of his new chairmen of economic advisers. Another little bookmark in the chronicle of how woefully inadequate this man is.

Put another way, I am sure most of us could stand up uin frnt of an audience and make a three-minute announcement more or less extemporaneously -- and with out of a teleprompter.

So tell me, Kool-aid drinking bum osculator, how accomplished The Light Crap-Bringer is.
Obama announces that he will appoint Alan Krueger to replace Austan Goolsbee as chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers. Photo by Hayley Peterson.
President Obama required two heavy-duty teleprompters on Monday during a three-minute speech in which he nominated Alan Krueger to serve as chairman of his Council of Economic Advisers.

Krueger stood silently to the right of Obama as the president spoke.
Obama did not give Krueger a chance to make any comments on Monday.
EXIT QUESTION: Is The Pantload wearing a tie or just a shirt and jacket. Probably the latter as he only had three minutes to make the announcement and get out to the links.



  1. That's one heavy duty teleprompter!
    Heaven forbid...what would he do if the teleprompter quit on him and he forgot the guy's name. Ummm Ummm Ummm...
    As for the tie...I can't really see one. Either it's white or he decided he better button up the shirt real tight as not to show off that sexy physique of his. Remember that beach photo?

  2. I'm glad he made an appearance somewhere, seeing he snubbed the VFW national convention. This guy just can't get his priorities right. The Boy Scouts and now the VFW, but never ever passes up a Muslim get together. What a lpos he is.

  3. Appropriately, from this perspective, Obama looks smaller than the teleprompter...and he is.

  4. ..funnin' aside, ladies and gentlemen, I wonder how many of us would need that much "auditory support" just to deliver an introduction of a new staff members?

    There is something seriously wrong with this picture and this man.

    Can hardly wait until his earth-shaking economic speech next week.

    Thought it was super-cool that Romney is doing *his* on 6 September. That's gonna be a tough act to follow ~~ by The Pantload, at least.