August 19, 2011


No time to "focus laser-like" on jobs or the economy, but -- from USA Today via Hot Air always time for a two-sortie vacation and time to golf and time to party at the White House and time to campaign:
President Obama has headlined 127 fundraising events for himself and others, significantly outpacing the fundraising activity of the previous five presidents during their first terms, new research obtained by USA TODAY shows.

By comparison, President George W. Bush had held 88 fundraisers and President Clinton, 76, at this point in their first terms, according to data compiled by Brendan Doherty, an assistant professor of politicial science at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. Doherty, who also studies presidential activity with the non-partisan White House Transition Project, examined fundraising going back to President Carter…

“We have entered the era of the permanent campaign,” said Anthony Corrado, a campaign-finance expert at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. “This is a reflection … of the enormous sums that are anticipated for the election.”
Here's hoping this sorry sack drains all of the coffers of the Democrat high rollers and loses in a massive landslide taking the Senate and more seats in the House with his sorry ass. That'll set the party back years and make them think twice before they nominate an incompetent boob with no executive experience again..

..but,m then again, they're Democrats. It's what they do.


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  1. Job 1 is not doing the job, it's trying to perpetuate the scam by getting re-elected for more hope and change.