August 26, 2011


With the impending hurricane bearing down on him, and Bo, the wonderhund, sans THE WIDE LOAD FLOTUS, has decided to return to DC early. Guess he's scared to play golf in the rain. Kinda reminds me of Caddyshack.

"OH RAT F**K!"
..of course, we get another twofer; the WIDE LOAD FLOTUS is returning separately on Saturday as originally planned.



  1. He should ditch those metal spikes, get some new golf shoes with plastic spikes. Although I wouldn't mind seeing him as a lightening rod.

  2. Now geezmom thats just a litttlle harsh. I can just see it now. The lightning lights up the Marta's Vineyard sky over the golf course where that skinny big eared, blue lipped, purple gummed, Kenyan is standing over a 20 footer, when all at once he has blue flame shooting out his back side, and smoke appears. The secret service guy that is guarding him walks over, looks down, lights his cigarette off the smoldering lump turns his back and walks away whistling "it had to be moonglow from out of the blue" Hey that sounds like a movie scene I'd like to see.

  3. ..folks, ease up willya? I'm dyin' here. The images you folks paint are just stupendous!

    Geezmom and jainphx, certainly delighted to have you back -- but make sure you observe your due diligence with Scooter! I don't want to spread your genius too thin.

    "..secret agent man lighting cigarette the briquettes of a former POTUS..that's rich.."

    *grabs sides and starts laughing uncontrollably*

  4. Oh Crap! There goes the neighborhood. Washington was doing a little better while he was gone.