August 22, 2011


Well, we paid all that money to haul the First Freeloaders up to Martha's Vineyard so you'd think that would be it, right? I mean, all they gotta do is run down to the book stores and restaurants to feed their faces ("Can't I just finish my waffles, sweetie?") and play a few rounds of golf or go sewimming..

..nothing high ticket, right?


Check out this motorcade he and sidekick Valerie Jordan took to his old bud's digs:

There's eight cars and a van of something going over those dirt roads of MV to the home of ComCast CEO Brian Roberts. Sayeth the Politico article:
The presidential motorcade on Martha's Vineyard peeled out of Blue Heron Farms at 5:15 p.m. with the president and Valerie Jarrett in tow.

After 10 minutes, we made an abrupt left turn on John Cottle Road— an unpaved, deeply rutted eight-foot-wide private path hemmed in by ivy, scrub oak and big, scary boulders.

After bottoming out four times — we're talking two-foot holes in a sand-and-gravel road, along with one hairpin turn — Obama and Jarrett arrived at the West Tisbury home of their friends Brian and Aileen Roberts, spokesman Josh Earnest informs us. It was 5:30 p.m.
Big scary shoulders? Were they talking about THE WIDE LOAD FLOTUS?



  1. Sharing the love...only because I knew you would like it...

  2. ..yeah, Odie, she's got shoulders like a stevedore on the New York waterfront.

  3. Yeah, but what about the Bruins in 2011/12, are they going to shine in the Southern Div of the Pac 12? No.

  4. Fredd, you drop this specious brickbat as though I gave a royal crap. Not to mimic Randy Quaid's character in Major League II but Neuheisel will find a way to blow it out his barracks bag and lose YET ANOTHER (his fifth straight) to SC.

    On the other hand, hope your DUX manage to stay one step ahead of the NCAA's grim reaper.

    That program's kinda like the "USC of the North", no?