August 8, 2011

Surprise! Obama's Post-S&P American Downgrade Speech Didn't Console Anyone (other than the looters)

By the Left Coast Rebel

The head swiveled back and forth; to and fro from each of the two teleprompters. The mouth moved, echoing "balanced approach" Orwellian bromides and not-so-subtle class warfare platitudes. He arrived an hour late and the Dow Jones Industrial Average greeted him by promptly losing another 100 points.

Just who the hell thought this guy would "say the right things" and keep the national fabric together today?

Answer: the same useful idiots that didn't vet a "community organizer" that has no business experience, no governing experience and a long-list of far-left-agitating friends and confidantes (of which He is the head of the multiply-tentacled hydra).

Buckle up, I have a bad feeling this is going to get worse fast. Is it any wonder that pessimism is skyrocketing?

Obama's response to the Standard and Poor's downgrade simply cements his role in the whole mess.

Forgive my crudeness, but, just in case you missed it this toilet "art" sums up our national crisis and the man behind it perfectly:



  1. With this last month's escapades and today's non-speech, he may very well be in the process of jumping the shark, Tim.

    Consider: he was going to stay in the bunker (Camp David or in his armored golf cart on the links) on this one but was goaded by his staff out to make an appearance and utter something perfunctory. As usual, it was originally scheduled at 1:00 PM Eastern, postponed to 1:30 PM and even then he was almost 10 minutes late. (Is this asshole ever on time?) Finally, he make his appearance, says nothing and departs, a pathetic, shabby, empty, vapid narcissist.

    But in the wake of this Summer's economic cataclysm, there is evidence that the cracks in his re-election hopes are becoming large fissures and threaten to become yawning crevasses. The Democrats are growing restive -- and openly disenchanted with Obama. If there are five more months if non-growth and back-sliding, he may be primaried (there is a move afoot to force Hillary to take him on) and will take the senate with him if he loses the presidency in 2012.

  2. The case of the incredibly shrinking presidency. He's toast. McCotter could beat him just by not being Obama.

    One of the talking heads on FoxNews tonight asked what Obama could do to turn the economy around at this point and no one seems to want to put forth the obvious answer- publicly repudiate Keynesian economics, and resign.