August 9, 2011

A Public Thank You..

When I do posts, I like to wander around the internet for pictures that will take your minds off my dreary bleatings. I had found a number recently over at Yahoo that I remorselessly purloined.

The creator of a couple I used in a post below passed along a nice comment and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank bkeyser for his talent and for allowing me to use it/them here since a follow-up comment would be buried with the post.

Also, if appropriate, I wanted to thank him for his service and for following my pathetic efforts.

Mr Keyser, when you get a chance, contact me and we'll work out a royalty sharing arrangement. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!



  1. Who, but Barack Hussein Obama could drive gold over $1,700 an ounce? Some people scoffed when people started calling him the 'magic negro' but he's proving that he can do things no other president was able to do. Not even Carter.

  2. Mr Keyser, if you're lucky, you'll get the same royalty deal I have.

  3. Thank you BKeyser for your service.

    TWP. You aren't as pathetic as I am.

  4. LL: He makes me wish for the "good old days" of Jimmah.

    ODIE: Come to think of it, for all of the stuff I ripped off from your site, I probably owe you a big bottle of Beefeaters. Let me know when you're in town again and I'll pony up. Same goes for you, LL. Let's see if we can get together and plan our Fall campaign with LCR and MA, shall we?