August 22, 2011


Obama's vacation is receiving a nice skewering -- including the video below -- from the Michelle Obama's Mirror blog:

..the author, who writes from the perspective of THE WIDE LOAD FLOTUS, presents a pretty witty take on the foibles of this dysfunctional first family (well, the alleged grown-ups at least) and deserves a visit once in a while for a great laugh.

In any event, kindly note the logistics involved in transporting one vain, narcissistic, vapid POTUS 500 miles from Washington D.C. to an island just off of Cape Cod South of Massachusetts.

Pretty staggering, huh?

Now multiply that by almost two because -- as you remember -- THE WIDE LOAD FLOTUS could not wait for her hubby and went ahead by separate entourage in a special USAF transport. (See post below.) We are told that each sortie costs somewhere over $100,000 of our tax money.

Two thoughtless, inconsiderate piles of cow manure.


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