August 4, 2011

Get on the bus, gus II

Confirmed by White House spokeweasel Jay Carney-Barker:

I am -- as you all should be -- absolutely flummoxed. The best comment over on the Ht Air post on this was by Bob in Virginia.

Most tone-deaf administration, evah!! Didn’t he hit up folks for a $35,800/plate rubber chicken last night? Wants to be the first LAME DUCK president to raise $1Billion for his campaign and now has the unmitigated gall to pick the pockets of the taxpayers for this 3-day CAMPAIGN tour!!! He’s not fooling anyone by saying this is ‘business as usual’ and he’ll gain more embarrassment than anything else because of it. Amateur!

Bob in VA on August 4, 2011 at 12:07 PM

Some of the delusional argue that the cost is less than operating AF One but they miss the point -- like I made in the previous post -- that this bears a resemblance to the whistle stop campaigns by FDR and Truman in days of yore yet Obama is calling on all of us to pay for it. The amount being spent is irrelevant. It is bad optics. It is disgusting, unseemly, and was something that the left took no end of joy pummeling George Bush for all through out his presidency. This sack of crap deserves no less.

From the Hot Air article, the following have been offered by commenters as nicknames/slogans for this tour:

"Rolling Blunder" - Emperor Norton

"Obama ’12: America Under the Bus" - Preshone