August 26, 2011


"Wish someone would read me 'My Pet Goat' tonight before bedtime.."
Ah, the old days when you read articles in newspapers (remember them?) that were somehow special so you clipped them out and carried them around in your wallet next to your spending cash (remember that?) and other sundries.

I have two I have clipped and saved -- electronically -- that I drag up from time to time and re-read to my everlasting pleasure. The other one is a recent post by by Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air. It is a dissection of the liberal meme that Obama inherited the mess he was in. It can be found here and I recommend you commit this to memory in the event you engage one of those insufferable Kool-aid drinkers and wish to cause the scales to fall from his or her eyes.

(I know, I know, don't try to teach a pig to sing..)

This one -- I remember reading this and others on the same subject -- was written in November 2008 and expresses the joy and elation all on the left (and a few soon-to-be-disillusioned in the middle) felt over the election of Obama and the exasperation at the gathering storm of economic gloom.

I have quoted pretty much THE ENTIRE COLUMN to save your having to jump and also to preserve the structure. Just for kicks, it's edited a bit ~~ but it needed surprisingly little changing. Try substituting "Obama" for "Bush" in the article and see if that works out as well for you as it does for me.


The United States is facing its greatest financial catastrophe in almost 80 years. With shares crashing, houses foreclosing and banks vanishing into thin air, the time for competent governance is of paramount importance.

Instead, the United States is headed by a C+ student whose only qualification seems to be running several businesses into the ground. George Bush is without a shadow of a doubt the most incompetent leader of any western democracy in modern history, and has failed in just about every aspect of his presidency. He has utterly failed to occupy the countries he has invaded, ignored the most pressing issue of our time -- global warming, allowed the country's infrastructure to collapse, run the economy into the ground and destroyed his own party from the inside.

Why is this man still president? Forget the massive crimes he has committed, his incredible incompetence trumps everything else. The world's economy is literally hanging on a thread, and the last person you would want to lead the way out of the crisis is the person who bumbled his way into it.

Bush is a lame duck president, no question about it. He has only a couple of months left and has no serious sway with his party any more. The economic mess is something that requires new leadership, and it is of vital urgency that Bush gets out of the way.

Perhaps Bush could do one decent thing in his presidency: Resign, and walk away gracefully. His legacy can't get any worse, and he may do himself a favor by putting the country in front of his ego. His sins will not be forgiven, but he will be remembered less harshly for the abomination his presidency has represented.

If Bush walks now, the crisis won't be solved, but it will send a message to the world that America is serious again. Serious about practical, non ideological solutions to the many, many problems we face, and serious about putting itself on the right track. It would be symbolic, but the right symbol at the right time can do the world of good. Markets need calming, and people need reassurance. Bush cannot do this, and the consequences this time are far too serious to ignore. He must go, and he must go now.
Funny how the more things change, the more they stay the same, innit?.


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