August 6, 2011

In the aftermath..

Thought I'd share some more pictures I hoovered up on the internet. It seems that Obama's bus has been readied for his three-day campaign tour of the Midwest on August 15th..on our dime, by the way:

Then there's also this depiction of his [in]famous question about the grade he would assign himself. ("A good, solid B+.")  Undoubtedly, it should be re-evaluated after yesterday's first S&P downgrade of the U.S.A.'s credit evah!

..and finally, my good friend and contributor, Major Joe Di Mento of the Civil Air Patrol, sends me this montage of actual police mug photos. Just sayin'.

Y'all have an AA+ weekend, you heah?



  1. You know, all those Obama t-shirts might just be because those folks are poor, and pro-Obama shirts are going at fire sale prices.

  2. *SPLRMPF*!

    ..that's very funny! Also, that's one new monitor and one new keyboard you owe me, old son!

  3. I saw my first Obama T-shirt Friday at our show. Pantload was on the back of a young (20 ish) Mexican girl ... go figure. I'll bet we paid for that T-shirt.

  4. Odie,

    ..if we didn't, we soon will be.

  5. War Planner-

    I just wanted to say thanks for linking to a couple of my photoshops. I'm just a hobbyist with this stuff so it's nice to see when someone thinks it's noteworthy. Help yourself to anything you find interesting on my photstream going forward.

    Nice blog, by the way. I intend to check back often. Keep up the good work. -Bob