August 16, 2011

Cracks, 5.0

Apparently rodding around in those $2 million Greyhound hearses ain't doing our wayfaring POTUS any good. Gallup has him back down below the magic barrier at 39% today:

Also, scope out The RAZ DT. King Putt has racked up a pretty impressive string of -20 approval indexes over there -- from August 8th through today where he's weighing in at an unhealthy -23 percent. Also note the recent robust "Total Disapprove" and the anemic "Strongly Approve" numbers he's racked up since he sulked and pouted his way through at abortion of a financial crisis he concocted in the end of July:

Hmmmmmmm. Maybe Cracks or Crevasses are not appropriate titles for these kinds of updates..

..more like cratering?


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