August 18, 2011

After a hard road trip, a man deserves a little vacay..

Never mind the stock market is cratering, we stand on the brink of a double-dip recession, and,  in Europe, Germany's economy is folding like a cheap card table, The Magic Negro is headed off to his 10-day Martha's Vineyard vacation where he and THE WIDE LOAD FLOTUS will be biking, swimming, sucking down Soft Serv and $500 lobster dinners, while the proles get along on their Victory Meat and 300-grams-per-week rations and try to scratch out a living.

Oh, but it's o.k. because he's got a plan coming out -- after Labor Day -- that will rescue us all from these doldrums. Lessee, more taxes, extend the payroll tax reduction and, of course, extend jobless benefits and put more people on food stamps because, like the Ag Sec says, it stimulates the economy.

But that's not what's pissing me off. You wanna know what really pisses me off? Some clown riding a fruit-ball bike in faggoty Mom jeans like this fairy does.

If you're a POTUS, act like you got something between your legs and not some goddam metro-sexual fairy. Also, try riding with other serious riders, fer crissakes.

No wonder people are going ape over Perry. It'll be good to have someone in the White House who has a set of stones..

..and that includes Michelle Bachmann.


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