August 24, 2011


My cousin Cathy lives in Connecticut, and is liberal, and hated "W", and loves Barack Hussein Obama. She is generally sending me things about how conservatives suck and stuff like that.

Well, I got an e-mail yesterday about the tragic destruction and devastation wrought by the recent 5.8 earthquake that hit NoVa and D.C. and parts of the (liberal) East Coast.

She and her husband John were severely hit but she assures me that they are persevering and will survive this great tragedy.

She also sent me a picture of the devastation:

"Oh, the humanity.."

..let's all pray for her and John and all of the other folks similarly afflicted on the East Coast. They may be liberals, but they are Americans, too.

..well, most of 'em anyway.



  1. ..can hardly wait until Irene hits NY and Boston -- or, specifically, Martha's Vineyard. Poor bastard, Obama, will have to skate back to DC and ACTUALLY DO SOME WORK instead of playing golf.